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The 6th MUL charity run was organised on 14 May 2022. After a two-year break caused by the pandemic, the run was organised in its original on-site mode. Nearly 400 runners gathered at the start line in new locations: 3rd of May Park and Baden Powell Park. The fastest of the males, Paweł Chamera covered the distance of 5,1 km within 17 min. 33 sec., and the fastest female, Małgorzata Gaszewska within 20 min. 24sec.

By tradition, prof. Janusz Piekarski, the Vice-Rector, took part in the run, alongside students, graduates, employees and friends of the Medical University of Lodz. This time, the Vice-Rectors: prof. Tomasz Kostka and prof. Waldemar Machała, were excellent as spectators.

The organisers emphasise that sports competition comes second in such a charity event. What matters more is fun, promotion of physical activity and integration by a common important goal. Following the slogan ‘We run to help’, the funds raised this year, over PLN 21,000, will go to transplant patients at the Clinical Department of Internal Diseases, Transplantology and Nephrology N. Barlicki University Hospital No 1 in Lodz.


  1. Barlicki Hospital is one of two transplantology centres in the region of Lodz. In 2021 the hospital received an award of the Ministry of Health for its donation activities. The medical staff there, anaesthetists in particular but also the transplantology coordinator, cooperate with a lot of hospitals in Lodz and the region, in order to implement transplantology procedures more effectively.

Such an event as today’s run is an excellent opportunity to promote transplantology.  Transplants save lives which can look absolutely normal after the surgery. The best example is my patient, Piotr, who took part in today’s run, underlines prof. Ilona Kurnatowska, the head of the Clinical Department of Internal Diseases, Transplantology and Nephrology.

Currently only 5% of transplants come from living donors, the vast majority of transplanted organs come from deceased donors whereas in the USA and some European countries more transplant kidneys are retrieved form living than diseased donors. We have been trying to promote living donors transplants and since 2004 we have been developing the living donors programme. Such events contribute largely to our project, adds prof. Kurnatowska

The organisers of MUL run include the University Sports Association MUL (AZS UMED), Foundation for the Medical University of Lodz and Lodz University Sports Association (AZS Lodz).

This year’s even was co-funded by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Partners of the event:

  • Photografph– Mikołaj Zacharow
  • EKO-VIT – manufacturer of drinks
  • Polska Woda Sp. z o.o. Aleksandria – manufacturer of Primavera water
  • Lodz Medical Emergency Services
  • Students Club of Emergency and Diseaster Emergency
  • Students Scientific Association MOVE IT
  • Students Scientific Association at the Clinical Department of General Surgery and Transplantology
  • IFMSA Łódź
  • Spawear Company– cosmetology and medical wear manufacturer

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