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Success of Chair and Clinic of Cardiology of MUL at ESC 2018 Congress in Munich

At this year’s Congress of the European Society of Cardiology in Munich, particular intrest was attracted by the results of cooperation between the Chair of Cardiology of MUL, Biegański Hospital in Lodz and a dynamic Polish IT company MedApp. The presented results concerned an innovative concept of three-dimensional echocardiographic images in the form of so-called augmented reality which uses the HoloLens device (augmented reality goggles). The concept is being developed in the Department of Cardiology and the Department of Rapid Cardiological Diagnostics at Biegański Hospital in Lodz.

It was a great pleasure and satisfaction to hear that our moderated poster was appreciated and received a distinction at the world’s largest cardiology congress. Searching for ultimate cardiac data display – Mixed reality interactive visualization of three-dimensional echocardiographic datasets (J. Pawłowski, K. Janc, U. Kaczor, J. Kamiński, J. I. Kasprzak, M. Kierepka, P. Lipiec, K. Wdowiak-Okrojek, J. Witowski, D. Żebrowski, J. D. Kasprzak) was presented  in the “Imaging” category oat the moderated poster session.

Moreover, as it appeared later on, the assessment of the achievements of the Chair research team proved to be even higher. After the Congress, when the summary analysis of the most interesting original presentations was made, our presentation was honored as the Best Moderated Poster in the category of cardiological imaging. To be selected from several hundred reports in this category from around the world means high appreciation of the standard of research carried out at the Department of Cardiology at Biegański Hospital. It is noteworthy that this is an unprecedented event in the history of the participation of Polish scientists in the European Cardiological Congresses.

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