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Summer School on Digital Innovation in Diabetes Care – InnoDiaCare at MUL

The first week of July at the Medical University saw the first part of summer school within  EIT Health Project: A Summer School on Digital Innovation in Diabetes Care – InnoDiaCare. It was organised in cooperation with the partners of  EIT Health CLOSE project – Automated glucose control at home for people with chronic disease (coordinated by Beata Mianowska MD, PhD from Pediatric, Onclology, Haematology and Diabetology Clinic)

Problems encountered by diabetic patients as well as by their care givers, medical specialists and researchers involved in diabetes treatment were discussed with an emphasis on the challenges for future technological solutions. The lectures were presented by the representatives of EIT Health, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), AirLiquide Company (France),  Profil Institute Company (Germany), University of Lodz (Department of Law) and our Medical University (Pediatric, Onclology, Haematology and Diabetology Clinic, Diabetology and Metabolic Diseases Clinic, Department of Biostatics and Translational Medicine and Science, Strategy and Development Office). The patients of the abovementioned clinics were involved in the workshops.

InnoDiaCare is attended by students and higher education graduates, representing 11 nationalities and 7 fields of science. The Summer School is an opportunity for their active engagement in the development of new ideas of technological solutions to a wide range of diabetes treatment issues. In Lodz their innovative approach was supported by the representatives of IESE Business School (Spain) and DT4U – Design Thinking Workspace (Lodz University of Technology)

The participants will continue working on their ideas and will have an opportunity to present them at the second part of the summer school, held on 28th August- 1st September in Cologne.


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