• Opublikowano: 11/06/2024

The 12th IUHPE European Conference on Health Promotion starts in a week!


This Monday, June 17, the 12th European Health Promotion Conference IUHPE, which our university is honored to host, will begin at the Clinical and Didactic Center of the Medical University of Lodz. These are two days of meetings with professionals – researchers, health promotion practitioners, officials working on health policy and health promotion programs – from all over the world, and therefore a great opportunity to exchange experiences, establish contacts and cooperate. Among the Keynote Speakers our university will be represented by:


  • prof. Lucyna Woźniak – Vice-Rector for Science Development and International Cooperation
  • prof. Tomasz Kostka – Vice-Rector for Education
  • prof. Paweł Ptaszyński – Rector’s Representative for the Clinical and Didactic Center Campus
  • Aneta Andrzejczyk – Deputy Director of the Office of Science, Strategy and Development


The main theme of this year’s conference, which is part of the prestigious IUHPE series of scientific events, will be “Health Promotion: Shaping Change Across the Lifespan.” These meetings assess the current state of health promotion knowledge and practice, highlighting future challenges and shaping pathways for progress in the field. The conference will play a significant role in disseminating health promotion research with an emphasis on facilitating health transitions at every stage of life.


Immediately after this event, on June 19-20, 2024 in Łódź, the 7th International Salutogenesis Conference will be held. Focusing on the topic “Everyday life and crises as opportunities for salutogenetic transformation”, this event aims to develop theories and research based on the concept of A. Antonovsky.


More about the conferences on the website: iuhpeconferences24.umed.pl


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