• Opublikowano: 04/04/2021


Therapeutic Compliance Research Centre supervised by the Department of Family Medicine was set up by the Rector of The Medical University of Lodz in the Resolution 137/2020 of 23 December 2020.

The team of researchers in the Centre, headed by Prof. Przemysław Kardas, have rich and unique experience in research into the factors which affect patient’s adherence and compliance. They belong to the world leading specialists in the field, which is reflected in the considerable number of international research projects and the ensuing long list of scientific papers where they played a key role.

The newly founded research unit will enable further intensification of the research already being conducted.  The objectives of the Centre also involve broadly defined educational and promotion activities. The Centre, which is the only scientific institute of the kind in Central and Eastern Europe, will also contribute to the enhancement of the image of Medical University of Lodz as the University of an exceptionally innovative character.

The latest accomplishments of the Therapeutic Compliance Research Centre include:

  • Creation of innovative European educational programme concerning the management of polypragmasia and therapeutic compliance in seniors which is easily available on-line (eu); currently the programme is extensively used among others by Polish and overseas students and health care providers;
  • Performing and publication of pioneering analyses of the national e-prescription database which enables the objective assessment of therapeutic compliance in all Polish citizens;
  • Initiation of global activities towards standardisation of Big Data resources exploitation to assess therapeutic compliance.
  • Election of Prof. Przemysław Kardas to be a member of Executive Committee and a formal (and sole) Polish representative in the European research partnership ENABLE Cost Action ‘European Network to Advance Best practices & technoLogy on medication adherencE’
  • Przemysław Kardas as the editor of a special issue of the prestigious journal ‘Pharmaceutics’ concerning the application of a large medical databases for therapeutic compliance assessment entitled ‘Medication Adherence Assessed with Real-World Data: New Opportunities Provided by Big Data’

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