• Opublikowano: 22/12/2020


On December 22, 2020 Prof. Radzisław Kordek, the Rector of MUL handed out the Award for the best English-speaking student.

The awarded student, EDWARD Joaquim Jose CLARKE, comes from Ireland and is currently in the 4th year of his 6MD course. It’s the second Rector’s Award that he has received.

The award symbolises the distinction for outstanding achievements in the given academic year. Apart from points for average grade E. Clarke received additional points for papers in anatomy written in cooperation with G. Wysiadecki MD, PhD and other team members of the Department of Anatomy MUL.

Clarke is the first author of the following papers:

  • Clarke E, Wysiadecki G, Haładaj R, Skrzat J, Fusion between the median and musculocutaneous nerve: A case study. (FOLIA MED CRAVOV)
  • Clarke E, Tubbs S, Maciej R, Haładaj R, Tomaszewski R, Wysiadecki G., Unusual formation of the musculocutaneous and median nerves: a case report refined by intraneural dissection and literature review. (FOLIA MORPHOLOGICA)
  • Clarke E, Skrzat J, Mazur M, Musiał A, Sienkiewicz A, Radek M, Polguj M, Wysiadecki G., Anatomical variations of the superficial ulnar artery – case series observed on historical specimens prepared by Ludwik Karol Teichmann (FOLIA MORPHOLOGICA)



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