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Erasmus+ Project : Assessment in Healthcare EducAtion goes Digital ‘AHEAD’

On 28– 30 November 2022, Medical Univerwsity of Lodz was the host of the second on-site meeting of AHEAD project partners.  MUL was represented by Beata Brosowska MD PhD, Dorota Kilańska, Beata Kunikowska, Natalia Biega MA, Justyna Kupis, Ewelina Łojewska, Adam Michalski MA as the representative of MUL Central University Hospital IT specialists, the team from the project leader- Dublin City University (Ireland), Ilia  State University (Georgia), Hanse Institute Oldenburg (Germany).

The three-day meeting included the discussions on the current project stage and decisions on firther stapes to be taken within the project.  The current stage of the project will involve  Co-creation workshops held by MUL Team, a survey conducted among the people engaged in teaching to assess the opinions on remote teaching. Students of the Medical University of Lodz will receive an access to a unique tool to conduct a 360° assessment of remote hand washing.

Tools for assessing hand washing competence were also presented, and these will be installed on the Moodle platform and intended to evaluate the recordings registered by AI software in MUL Central University Hospital (CUH). To meet the needs of this stage of the projects, AI algorithms will be developed to detect the right and wrong hand washing stages (by WHO standards). As part of the Fundamentals of Nursing course, MUL students will be engaged in the procedure implementation. During the meeting, the device was tested in CUH, and the evaluation method was also presented.

This part of the project involved the participation of  Coordinated Care Department, Department of Nursing Theory and Skills, Department of Adolescent Nursing and Health Promotion, the Division of Nursing and Midwifery of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Courtesy of Maria Bartczak and Adam Michalski, the event participants also visited MUL  Medical Simulation Centre an other places of significance on the map of MUL innovations at the Clinical and Didactic Centre.

Further meeting will be held online on 8 December 2022 and it will provide an opportunity to sum up the part of project implemented by MUL, to evaluate the current engagement in digital assessment in partner institutions and to investigate the ideas, hopes and reservations concerning the projects and functionality of digital assessment products.  The meeting will be attended also by external stakeholders. Before long, a survey will be conducted among MUL students and employees and you are all invited to take part.

MUL Team: #AHEADErasmus

Dorota Kilańska MD Phd

Ewelina Łojewska MA

 Natalia Biega MA

Beata Brosowska MA

the project webpage:  Erasmus+: Assessment in Healthcare EducAtion goes Digital ‘AHEAD’


TASKS for MUL Team.

WP 1: Design of Co-creation workshops, held by MUL, intended for all the partners, (April 2022).

WP  2:  Four Co-creation workshops, one organised in each partner place (2-4 months IO)

WP 3:  Design of the concept of Co-creation assessment and analysis of the relative feedback (3-5 mc IO)

WP 4: Design of the questionnaire and its online distribution to  80-120 respondents    (4-6 months IO)

WP 5: Data analysis– preparation of the results to be presented at the international project meeting (5-7 months IO)

WP 6: Leading a discussion between project partners and stakeholders with a view to raising digital competences of teachers and students in partner institutions (7 mc IO)

WP 7: Providing feedback on the results interpretation and ideas for digital competence development – together with the participants, checking on the authenticity and correctness of the results interpretation and ideas for teaching micro-units for IO2 (7-8 mc IO)

WP 8: Preparation of the draft report on the project, draft for publication in  a peer-reviewed journal (7-8 mc IO).


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