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Two flagship projects of Horizon 2020 will pilot innovative solutions of artificial intelligence in our university already in 2022!

The Medical University of Lodz is implementing two flagship European projects within Horizon 2020 programme funded by the European Commission with a total budget of € 30 million. The projects in question, GATEKEEPER and ODIN, set themselves an ambitious aim of combining health care services with modern technologies such as IoT, 5G, AI, deep learning, as well as establishing so called Hospital of the Future. What’s more, both projects analyse the processes and legal regulations concerning digitalisation of health care, the response to the process by the health care recipients and the technical, economic and medical effectiveness of the implemented solutions.


GATEKEEPER (film video)

GATEKEEPER projects involve the pilot studies on the medical application combined with artificial intelligence algorithms (My Health App) conducted in patients in Poland. If you would like to participate in the project, you are most welcome to test Polish application and follow the news in social media and the University website.

ODIN project, in turn, includes piloting of a hospital robot with AI (artificial intelligence) algorithm to be carried out in the second half of 2022 in a newly constructed Emergency Department of Central University Hospital (CUH) in Lodz, under scientific supervision of Prof. Dariusz Timler MD PhD, Director of ED (CUH).

Meanwhile, we would like to invite you to attend ODIN project webinar on hospital disaster preparedness (regarding pandemics, wars, climate changes). If you are interested, please register by clicking the following link:  https://bit.ly/358fmhp

Research conducted within this area has already produced some results, including a scientific paper on the challenges which a war crisis poses to hospitals, published in a prestigious Lancet journal. Both projects are supervised by a research coordinator, Prof. Przemysław Kardas Md PhD from Medication Adherence Research in collaboration with other units of Medical University of Lodz, including International Projects Team.

More info and project websites:
GATEKEEPER – https://www.gatekeeper-project.eu/
ODIN – https://www.odin-h2020.eu/



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