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MUL Centre for Medical Education organized the international conference of European Board of Medical Assessors (EBMA) and Association of Medical Schools in Europe AMSE  which was held in MUL Didactic Centre on 7-9 November. The conference was participated by nearly 200 rectors, deans and medical educators from 34 countries including as remote ones as Brazil, Iran, Thailand and Kazakhstan. The list of special guests included Professor Trevor Gibbs, President of Association for Medical Education in Europe, Professor Peter Dieter, President of AMSE, Professor Cees van der Vleuten, President of EBMA, and Professor Lilian Azzopardi, President of the European Association of faculties of Pharmacy. Prof. Radzisław Kordek, Rector of Medical University of Lodz and  Prof. Marzenna Zielińska, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine took part in the inauguration session.

The conference was composed of 38 sessions on i.a. assessment standards in biomedical sciences, development of modern curriculum and interprofessional education. Professor Stephanie Marshall, Vice Rector of Queen Mary University of London ran the workshops on the implementation of systemic changes in education while Ian Hall, the representative of British organization for higher education standards Advance-HE, held the workshop on professional development of teachers in higher education.  Dr. Janusz Janczukowicz wound up the conference with his lecture ‘Where did we come from? Who are we? Where are we heading?’, which summed up the current situation of medical education worldwide and outlined its further development with regard to global challenges that can be best encompassed by the concept of ‘One Health: health at the human-animal-ecosystem interface’. The lecture was designed and presented according to current trends of presentation through the visual arts for self-reflection.

A group of Polish- and English-speaking students at our University along with other guest students teamed up in Student Task Force (STF) thereby performing a particularly constructive role in the event. Their collaborative work and engagement greatly facilitated the organization of the conference events. STF included among others Paulina Birula,Vice President of IFMSA-World and Maria Krayem, General Assisstant of IFMSA for Human Rights and Peace.

The conference was designed with a great emphasis on WHO Europe recommendations on reduction of environmental impact of meetings and events. UMED Promotion Office provided reusable drink cups, printed materials were reduced to the minimum necessary and replaced with e-documents when possible. What’s more, 100% vegan menu catered for all tastes and requirements of the guests. The event was complemented with a performance by the University Choir and Medical Education Tree planted on MUL premises symbolically topped out the conference.


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