• Opublikowano: 21/11/2019

“UMED links – programme to increase the accessibility of Medical University of Lodz”: FUNDS FOR MUL’S PROJECT

Medical University of Lodz received funds for one of its projects i.e. ‘UMED links– programme to increase the accessibility of Medical University of Lodz’ in Priority Axis III Higher education for economy and development of  the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development 2014-2020.

Out of 85 accepted applicants our university was ranked 14 with a score of 104,5 points and a total fund of PLN 3 723 110,64.

The project is to support organisational changes and raise the awareness and competence of MUL didactic and administrative staff with regard to disabilities. The implementation of the project will entail improved architectural accessibility and enhanced accessibility of transport, administration, web pages, IT tools, educational procedures at higher education level. Moreover, modification to the education structure will increase its accessibility to under- and post-graduate students with disabilities.

The project includes:

  • the design of support procedures for people with disabilities in MUL,
  • the design of mobile application and voice navigation system at MUL campus,
  • the design of e-learning materials according to WCAG 2.0 standard,
  • the design and implementation of graphical interface in accordance with guidelines WCAG 2.0 item AA for the existing websites and applications of MUL,
  • training for didactic and administrative staff to raise their awareness of the disabilities and relevant psychological issues,
  • visits of foreign language teachers to leading academic centres in order to adjust didactics to the needs of people with disabilities,
  • adapted computer sets for 27 computer rooms,
  • specially-equipped work area in the library for people with disabilities.

UMED Links follows EcoUMED, the policy of sustainable development, which fulfils the aims of United Nations Organisation Agenda 2030.


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