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Invitation to OPEN LECTURE by Professor John T. Manning

Would you like to know what your hands can ‘tell’ of:

  • your professional predispositions?
  • your risk of diseases?
  • your athletic skills?
  • your attractiveness for the opposite sex?
  • a lot more of your characteristics?

Come to the lecture!

Aula Zachodnia

Clinical and Didactic Centre
251 Pomorska St.

Aula D (W-13), Building D

Department of Biology and Environmental Protection, University of Lodz

141/143 Pomorska St. ( entrance at Matejki St.)

Aula 1000

Clinical and Didactic Centre
251Pomorska St.

Lecture in English   Lecture in English Lecture translated simultaneously


 We invite you to ask questions ad join a discussion after lectures.

Prof. John T. Manning

currently works at Swansea University, UK. Prof. Manning’s main research focus is the significance of the fingers digit ratio (2D:4D). The ratio of the lengths of index finger to the ring finger is dimorphic, an innate feature which differs between men and women. In his scientific work he emphasises the significance of fetal exposure to sex hormones in human development, health and risk of diseases. Prof. Manning is the author of numerous books, scientific publications and popular science materials. He is  a member of many interdisciplinary research teams which include medical doctors, psychologists, sociologists, biologists, anthropologists and geneticists.

Prior registration is required on: www.wykladyotwarte.umed.pl or by phone: 42 251 92 90


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