• Opublikowano: 13/12/2016

When cultures meet…

On December 10th the English Student Government and the Administrative Centre for Studies in English organized the ‘Cultural Soiree’ which took place for the 5th time in the Didactic Centre at Pomorska Street.

Each year the event is gaining popularity, this year gathering the audience of over 200 guests including the Vice-Rector for Teaching, Prof Tomasz Kostka, MD, PhD and the Vice-Dean for Studies in English, Prof Andrzej Głąbiński, MD, PhD., the University employees, teachers and students.

Thanks to the students’ creativity and engagement the guests had the unique first-hand opportunity to get familiar with the diversity of cultures and nationalities our students represent.

Tasting dishes of various cuisines, trying on exotic clothes, admiring the calligraphic arts were not the only attractions during the evening.  The students put a lot of effort to prepare national stalls tempting the guests with colourful decorations, hilarious outfits or extraordinary dishes. The Scandinavian stall invited the guests to the homemade waffles, cake and national Swedish and Norwegian decoration. The Germans tempted us with the sausages and Kartoffelsalat and the Saudi students served delicacies full of dates, exotic sweets and cardamom coffee.

The cheerful Nigerians offered plenty of spicy chicken and rice dishes.  The Indian students greeted us in their lovely saris and make-up. The Malaysians created an incredibly vivid stand offering their special gadgets such as the multicoloured umbrellas and decorative fans. Equally interesting stands were created by the Canadian, Egyptian and Palestinian students.

The highlight of the evening comprised the presentation of each country, with some interesting facts about them, followed by a truly unique opportunity to try your hand at a Scandinavian game of a race with potato!
The participants also had a chance to take part in national dances and enjoy traditional music from all over the world.

Everyone had a great time and the evening was a great success. Therefore, we are hoping it will keep attracting even more participants with every consecutive year.


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