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Military Medical Faculty

The Military Medical Faculty is a direct successor of traditions of the Military Medical Academy,  a reputable higher military school, which for a period of 45 years, educated more than 6,000 officers: doctors, dentists and pharmacists for needs of the Polish Army.

In 2002, the Military Medical Academy was dissolved  and its teaching and scientific staff as well as infrastructure, merged with the Medical Academy and was incorporated into the Medical University of Lodz.

In 2009, under a resolution of the Senate of the Medical University of Lodz, the Faculty of Physiotherapy was incorporated into the Military Medical Faculty. Later, in 2012, the Faculty of Physiotherapy was converted into the field of Physiotherapy.

The priority of the activity of the Military Medical Faculty is to provide the best possible educational offer which would provide high quality level of education and satisfy needs and requirements of interested candidates. The faculty also strives to conduct the highest quality scientific research and tightens cooperation with Polish and foreign scientific institutions, entrepreneurs and other external institutions. It is the only teaching and scientific unit on the educational market which is authorized to conduct classes on military-medical subjects (agreement with the Ministry of National Defence). The main goal of the Military Medical Faculty is to convey relevant knowledge of military and medical issues as well as to instil adequate values into its graduates; the values that will make them reliable military medical professionals and not only doctors employed by the army.

The Military Medical Faculty is empowered to confer the following scientific degrees:

  • habilitated doctor of Medical Sciences in Medical Biology
  • habilitated doctor of Medical Sciences in Medicine
  • doctor of Medical Sciences in Medicine
  • doctor of Medical Sciences in Medical Biology

Fields of study

“Civil” field of study

The “civil” field of study is a long-cycle Master’s , full-time and part-time course, which lasts 6 years. Student vocational placement, which is individually planned for each study year and semester, is an integral part of the course. During the 1st and 2nd years, students gain knowledge of general and basic subjects. In further years, students are taught clinical subjects. The education process requires an application of a wide range of teaching resources, traditional and also innovative audiovisual techniques. These innovative teaching resources and methods develop students’ independence in their process of knowledge acquisition and  stimulate creative thinking. The whole didactic and upbringing process is aimed at highlighting qualities of character which make the students good medical doctors.

“Military” field of study

The “military” field of study is a full-time, long-cycle Master’s course, which lasts 6 years. Candidates for future medical doctors are accepted according to limits set by the Ministry of National Defence.

After taking the pledge, the students become cadets of the Polish Army and after graduation they are raised to the rank of second lieutenants. Costs of studies and living are covered by the army. They include: accommodation, food, uniform, books. Already in their first year of studies students are paid monthly basic salary for soldiers doing candidate military service.

In the course of studies, “students in uniforms” not only gain typical medical knowledge but they also get familiar with military-medical and military subjects, e. g. maritime, tropical and aviation medicine. Such subjects are not taught to “civil” students.

With regards to classes on typical medical issues cadets and “civil” students are assigned to the same university groups. Apart from usual university classes and lectures, cadets are obliged to participate in classes held on a military training ground and undergo shooting training.

The first military classes are held in Wroclaw and they last one month. Students are accommodated in a separate, military hall of residence, in double rooms. Student cadets are supposed to perform duties, which are mandatory; they include e.g. wearing uniforms, attending military ceremonies, doing assigned service.

After graduation, students take Physician Final Examination. Its result can be decisive in choosing a particular speciality. Next, according to a previously signed ministerial agreement,  graduates are obliged to start doing work and service in medical units and institutions of the Polish Army. Graduates are provided with positions of a doctor-officer within structures of the military health care and qualified medical professionals can seek employment in foreign military missions.


Physiotherapy can be studied at full-time, first-cycle studies (Bachelor’s), lasting 3 years and at full-time or part-time, second-cycle studies (Master’s), lasting 2 years.

Physiotherapy is a specialist medical profession and constitutes the main section of medical rehabilitation. The job of physiotherapist has become very popular and is currently highly desirable. Global social changes, i.e. increasing lifespan, falling birth rate, growing interest in healthy lifestyle have made the physiotherapeutic profession so popular. Physiotherapists, being properly qualified specialists, deal not only with treatment but also prophylaxis. They can thus seek employment in usual health care centres, rehabilitation institutions, sports medical centres, sports clubs, spas, massage salons, fitness centres.

Graduates in Physiotherapy have an opportunity to develop and improve their skills by attending various courses and training sessions (e.g. Thai massage, Japanese massage, acupressure).

Medical studies in English

Medical studies in English are administered by the Centre of the Medical Studies in English. The range of courses is addressed mainly to foreigners but Polish citizens or people of Polish origin can also enrol as students.

The  Centre of the Medical Studies in English was opened in October 2003.

The unit is developing and the number of students is constantly growing.

The Medical University of Lodz offers four programmes conducted in the English language as well as a pre-medical preparatory course.

4 MD – a four-year medical programme for students who graduated from higher education institutions in the United States and Canada and are holders of the Bachelor of Science degree.

6 MD – a six-year course medical programme for high schools graduates.

5 DMD – a five-year dental medical programme.

After completing their studies, graduates receive the diploma of the Medical University of Lodz and the degree of Medical Doctor or Doctor of Dental Medicine.

The last programme, addressed to high-school graduates, is a three-year nursing course (3 BSc Nursing). Graduates become holders of the Bachelor of Science degree and can enrol in second-cycle studies.

The Medical University organizes preparatory courses for candidates who completed their secondary education and want to prepare for medical entrance exams. Participants of such courses gain and consolidate knowledge needed in order to pass entrance exams.

Standards of English medical programmes correspond to requirements met at Polish medical schools but they contain elements required in education in the European Union and the United States. English medical programmes are approved by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). Such approval allows Medical University graduates to continue their career in the United States and Canada. Degrees of  Medical Doctor and Doctor of Dental Medicine are recognized in all European Union member states, under the Directive on the recognition of professional qualifications. New, clear methods of valuation were introduced into English medical programmes in the academic year 2009/2010. The solutions include international exams such as NBME (National Board of Medical Examiners) and CBS (Comprehensive Basic Science). In the years 2011/2012, the four- and six-year programmes were adjusted to American standards by introducing numerous modifications.

Students can do their vocational training and clinical rotations in hospitals in Poland or abroad. Students who started studies in 2012 are obliged to do one-year internship in the last year of their studies.

The English-speaking students do not just study. They actively promote their native countries in the whole university community. They organize cultural events when they hold contests, present the traditions and history of their countries, and prepare specialities typical of their cuisine. They do not forget about people in need. A charity event during which they raise money for those in need has already become a well-established tradition.

Carefully prepared graduation ceremonies held after completion of studies, are the equal of those organized in most prestigious universities around the world and is remembered for long by graduates and their families and friends.

After receiving their diplomas, Medical University graduates take many decisions influencing their further career. Some return to their home countries and some others successfully apply for internships in the United States, Canada, Ireland or Australia. Some graduates decide to settle down in Poland.

Scientific and student achievements

The Military Medical Faculty actively acts in the scientific field. It conducts research within  grants received from the National Centre for Research and Development and the National Science Centre. Its academic teachers are holders of many patents. Students can get involved in the activity of student scientific groups which can be found in various university departments. A conference of the Student Scientific Society, which is held once a year, is an occasion to present students’ scientific output. The presented articles are evaluated by a special committee and the best ones are given distinctions.

Within a programme, called “UMed Grants”, the Medical University of Lodz give students grants so that they can cover costs of their scientific and research projects.

Students who would like to involve in scientific activity can apply for the Individual Course of Studies. This system enables them to create a flexible schedule so that they can attend classes and lectures and conduct scientific work simultaneously.

The Military Medical Faculty actively participates in the Socrates Exchange Programme by sending students to foreign universities and inviting others from abroad. The sports and cultural activity is also flourishing. Students take part in many competitions organized by the University Sports Association, at the Medical University of Lodz, but also in other national sports events. They also compete in “Rector’s Cup” shooting contests or participate in competitions organized for students of military schools. The sports and leisure centre, located at pl. Hallera 1 and ul. 6-Sierpnia, consist of a complex of gymnastic halls, a swimming pool, playing grounds and health spas. The fact that the centre is situated next to halls of residence makes it a safe and convenient place to visit.

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