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The Interwar Period – first efforts to set up a higher medical school in Lodz

The idea of establishing Higher Medical Education in Lodz dates back to the interwar period, when the medical community of the city of Lodz started making a definite effort to set up a higher medical school.

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1945 – the Medical Faculty at the newly-opened university

The University of Lodz was set up by the Decree of the Polish Cabinet Council on 24th May, 1945. Professor Kotarbiński was appointed the first Rector of the University.

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1950 – establishing an autonomous University – the Medicall Academy of Lodz

The date of 24th October 1949 was a crucial moment or the medical centre of Lodz when, by an Edict of the Government of the Polish People’s Republic, the Medical Academy of Lodz, an autonomous university, was established.

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1957 – the foundation of the Military Medical Academy of Lodz

In 1957, by a Resolution of the Polish Cabinet Council, The Military Medical Academy of Lodz was set up and took over the task of training military medical personnel.

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2002 – the merger of the Military Medical Academy and the civilian Medical Academy

The turn of the 21st century was the time for one of the most important announcements in the history of Medical Higher Education in Lodz.

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