Military Medical Academy of Lodz

poczatki-wojskowego-szkolnictwa-med2In 1957, by a Resolution of the Polish Cabinet Council, The Military Medical Academy of Lodz was set up and took over the task of training military medical personnel. This resolution demanded that the Ministry of National Defence and the Ministry of Health settle terms for teaching military students and carrying out research by cooperating with some civilian chairs. At that time, a number of chairs and departments of the Military Medical Academy were supposed to work based on the structural units of the civilian medical school. Thus the following new units were born: the Chair of Biology, Chair of Medical Physics, Chair of General Chemistry, Chair of Physiological Chemistry, Chair of Normal Anatomy, Chair of Histology and Embryology, Chair of Physiology, Chair of Pathological Anatomy, Chair of General Pathology, Chair of Microbiology, Chair of Pharmacology, Chair of Forensic Medicine, Chair of I and II Internal Diseases Department, Chair of II Surgical Department, Chair of Paediatric Diseases, Chair of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Chair of Dermatology, Chair of Infectious Diseases, Chair of Phthisiology, and Chair of Psychiatry. On 25th May 1958, the Medical Academy Senate gave it consent to transfer 23 independent scientific staff members for full-time employment at the Military Medical Academy, leaving 51 scientific assistants, 5 laboratory technicians, and 1 technical worker at the disposal of the military school.

poczatki-wojskowego-szkolnictwa-med1In spite of their final separation in 1962, the direct cooperation between both medical schools especially in educating dentists and pharmacists was still maintained. Training of these two groups of students, until 2002, was mainly conducted at the Division of Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine, and the Faculty of Pharmacy of the civilian Medical Academy. On 1st February 1958, an official plan regarding ”regulations of the cooperation between the Medical Academy and the Military Medical Academy” was validated, and established the rules for education of military students in medicine and pharmacy, employment of the civilian scientific staff in the military units, mutual utilization of facilities to conduct didactic activities and perform research projects and handing over medical equipment. Additionally, the Medical Academy was obliged to help perform examinations and recruit students to the Military Medical Academy.

The Order of the Ministry of National Defence of 19th May 1958 played a key role in the formation of the Military Medical Academy, which was finally opened on 1st July 1958 on the basis of the Military Centre of Medical Education. Brigadier General Professor Marian Garlicki, MD, PhD was the first Commander- Rector of the school, and Colonel Professor Bolesław Gwóźdź – the first Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. The Military Medical Academy comprised the Military Centre of Medical Education, the Central Military Clinical Hospital in Lodz, the Central Hospital of the Ministry of National Defence in Warsaw, and the Centre of Reserve Officers’ Education in Przemyśl.

Source: 65 years of Medical Higher Education in Lodz by Piotr Machlański and Jerzy Supady

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