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The Medical University of Lodz – mission, vision and values

The Medical University of Lodz provides the best possible conditions for students in the course of education. The University conducts research characterized by outstanding quality and supports the development of its employee. It responds to the demands of the environment, particularly patients and entities rendering health services, by updating its range of educational and research services. It makes a substantial contribution to the development of the health care system by promoting modern standards of prophylaxis and treatment, and by building long-lasting cooperation with institutions realizing objectives of public health at regional, national and international levels.

The Medical University of Lodz will be a recognizable and attractive research and didactic centre in the European Research Area, focused on the promotion of research and development of innovative pro-health solutions for a society facing epidemiological and socio-demographic issues. The University will become an effectively managed organization taking advantage of specialist information technology systems, which will allow for the optimal management of available resources. Its graduates will be highly desirable and appreciated on the labour market as professionals who are highly qualified in modern Medicine and observe the requirements of professional ethics.

The vision of the university development will be realized in compliance with the Development Strategy of the Medical University of Lodz for the period 2015 – 2020.

In all fields of activity, the Medical University realizes its goals in accordance with traditional academic and cultural values. The University strives to provide high quality education and research. However, it also maintains the principles of freedom and intellectual property rights. During the education process, the University promotes good attitudes, guided by the patient and respect for patient rights. University employees and students abide by standards of professional ethics and care about the positive image of the University. Key values of the organization include openness, quality and effectiveness. The Medical University of Lodz is an open institution, which implements quality standards to all areas of its activity and cares about the development of its own resources and their effective application.

The Development Strategy of the Medical University of Lodz will be realized in four strategic areas: education, research and development, collaboration in the development of the health care service, management and organizational development.

Medical University of Lodz
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